I know there are bugs that share the world with us but this problem was getting to be out of hand. We have a lot of land in Arizona and our neighbors are not too close by. Being in the desert I know there are spiders and rodents around. I even expect to see a scorpion out and about from time to time. But I saw a scorpion in my house. I was able to trap it under a jar and left it there until it died. I was still afraid to go near the jar. The next day there were two scorpions. I was too afraid to go near them so I called Pest Control Phoenix.

Deadly Scorp in a Jar

I have two small children and a dog. I couldn’t risk having this type of infestation in my home.  If one of my kids or my dog got stung they’d be dead. The professionals at Phoenix Pest Control were able to give me an appointment right away. Once they saw the scorpion I was so glad that I called them. It was a bark scorpion and was one of the most venomous in the United States. The pest control center also told me that pesticides alone will not kill these bugs. They spoke to me about my issues and when I stared to notice the problem. They took the time to listen to my concerns and then they got to work. I did not have to leave my home but I did anyway while the exterminators took care of the problem. They were very professional and I didn’t have to worry about the contents of my home. Payment was also easy. I was able to pay with my credit card which is helpful as I don’t carry more then a couple of dollars in cash.

While I return home nothing in my house was disturbed. There was no mess or residue to clean but I wiped all the surfaces down anyway. I haven’t seen one scorpion since the pest control workers fixed my problem. That was three months ago. They also take care of problems with ants, bees, and other desert pests. I’m glad I called them and would recommend them to anyone with a pest problem.